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60 Ways To Improve Your Mental Balance

Hey love,
What to do when life throws you a curveball? How can you improve your mental balance?  We always have two options:
1. Stay in that negative place and let your mental balance deteriorate


2. Rise like a phoenix from the ashes and realize that life is always happening for you, not against you

Learning how to improve you mental balance is SO important and one thing I’m always thinking about is this:

Most people train their bodies but not enough people are training their minds.
It’s crazy when you think about it right? It’s normal for us to look after everything in our lives but often, our mental health comes last.

I get it. During good times, you might not think that it’s important to improve your mental strength because everything is going fine. However, life throws curveballs at us at some point and in these times, you will be so grateful that you can reap the fruits you were planting before. Having a well-trained mind makes dealing with struggles definitely easier.

Another reason to improve your mental balance is that it helps you feel good on a daily basis. When you maintain your inner balance and keep your spirit high, you radiate love and light which helps you in the following areas:

  • You see the world in a different light
  • It’s easier to solve problems for you because you trust yourself
  • You don’t fall into bad habits as easily because you have mental strength
  • You are much more optimistic and become more aware of the opportunities around you
  • The people around you pick up your vibes and also become happier/inspired

From my personal experience, having unwavering belief in yourself is the most important thing. According to the law of attraction, we have to be a vibrational match to our desires. So if you want something but at the same time are always doubting yourself and questioning your abilities, it’s not going to work. Only when you maintain mental balance and keep your spirits high, you will start manifesting your dreams.

Another factor that is super important for mental health is CONSISTENCY with the tools you’re using. Whether it’s meditation, journaling, exercising, talking to a friend,… it has to happen on an ongoing basis for you to really see results. Have you ever stayed super consistent with your exercise routine, felt amazing for a while but then fell off track again? Then you know what I mean. 

Mental health is something you practice like a muscle and you get to reap its fruits later.

How to improve your mental balance?

I’m so happy and grateful that there are so many amazing tools to improve your mental health. All too often, we don’t know where to start, so I want to help you with that and share 60 ways to improve your mental health.

improve your mental balance

1. Start a daily meditation practice

2. Make the first and the last hour of your day phone-free

3. Focus on your strengths and embrace them

4. Take a 30-minute walk in nature & breathe in fresh air

5. Free yourself from the expectations of other people

6. Give yourself permission to make mistakes

7. Eat food that is high in magnesium (like spinach or kale) or take supplements

Why is magnesium important?

It’s a natural relaxant for the nervous system and helps with fear, irritability and restlessness.

8. Relax in a warm bath once a week

9. Spend some time with a furry friend

10. Laugh often and embrace your child-like spirit

11. Do your best to enjoy 15 minutes of sunshine

12. Become your own best friend

13. Accept your flaws and love yourself despite everything

14. Journal daily to reflect and see things from a different perspective

Don’t know how to start journaling? I wrote a blog post about this to help you with that

15. Stop watching the news and consume more positive content

16. Distance yourself from people who push you down/don’t believe in you

17. Break up the monotony and try something new

18. Don’t take everything so seriously

19. Hang up notes with positive affirmations in your apartment

Or you can also have a deck of cards with beautiful and empowering messages and pull a card every day. My favorites are by Louise Hay, the queen of affirmations.

20. Choose to act out of love, not fear

21. Do your best to stay optimistic

22. Have a calming bedtime ritual

23. Be excited for the future but also grateful for where you’re at

24. Cut out the words “should” and “must” in your vocabulary & replace them with “get to”

25. Do one little thing that scares you every day (Tip: No pressure and take baby steps)

26. Remember to live in the present moment

27. Avoid alcohol and other drugs

28. Limit your time on social media

29. Drink at least 2 litres of water

30. Treat your body with nutritious, mainly plant-based food

31. Be mindful of the content that you consume & make sure it’s bringing you forward in life instead of distracting you

32. Distance yourself from naysayers and negative people

33. Avoid multitasking and try to focus on one thing at a time

34. Put some beautiful plants in your apartment

35. Practice gratitude every single day

36. Exercise daily (personally, I like running and yoga for mental health)

37. Stop worrying and take a more solution-oriented approach instead

38. Catch yourself when you’re falling into unhealthy habits to escape reality (overeating, binge-watching Neflix, etc.)

39. Organize your surroundings to regain a feeling of control

40. Create a self-care kit for mental health that you can come back to whenever you need it

Here are some things to add to your self-care kit:

An amazing book (this one is my favorite and I highly recommend it!)

The Courage To Be Disliked – Change Your Life and Achieve Real Happiness

Essential oils like lavender oil

Lavender Oil for Natural Stress Relief

41. Change your playlist to something uplifting

42. Move your body and dance it out

43. Get to know yourself better by asking deep questions

44. Find empowering quotes that speak to you and hang them where you can always see them

45. Try calming natural things, like essential oils

46. Before stressing about something, ask yourself if it will still matter in 5 years. If not, let it go.

47. If you’re the kind of person who always thinks of worst-case scenarios, write them down and think about how you would deal with it. (You will see that you would find a solution)

48. Find new hobbies that are relaxing like gardening, playing an instrument, yoga or painting

49. If you often feel the need to cry – cry, and let it all out. You will feel better afterwards

50. Stop expecting people to have the same heart as you

51. Practice doing your own thing instead of pleasing everyone around you

52. Put little notes with your achievements in a cookie jar and look at them when you’re doubting yourself

53. Talk to someone you trust

54. Listen to mental health podcasts

PS: You can listen to my podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

55. Take deep belly breaths during the day – inhale, exhale

56. Buy an adult colouring book

Adult Colouring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

57. Try to find positive lessons in negative events. Instead of the victim, be the hero of your story

58. Learn to say no and set healthy boundaries

59. Put a small achievement in a jar every day. Then look at it when you doubt yourself

60. When you want to beat yourself up, tell yourself this: “I love myself anyway!” – Be gentle on yourself and accept yourself for everything your are, with all your struggles. They’re only making you human and we all are a work in progress. You got this!

Yay!! Congratulations on making it to the end of this super long list. I hope they’re helpful and give you some ideas to improve your mental balance. PS: Pick three ideas from this list that resonate the most with you and make them a daily habit.

It’s not about the quantity of the approaches you’re using to improve your mental health but about the quality. It’s much more important to stick to them daily.

I’m sending so much love to you,


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