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How To Feel Better – Quick Tips

We all have these moments when life becomes too much, you feel unhappy with yourself or you are just in a bad mood. If this happens, know that it’s okay. Without the shadow, there wouldn’t be light and we have to experience all the range of emotions this human experience offers us. However, after some time (I usually give myself 24 hours), they are also welcome to pass again.

I’m pointing this time frame out because once we identify over and over again with our negative thoughts, it becomes a habit for your mind to think that way (and we definitely don’t want that to happen). So give yourself the time to really feel all the emotions but since you don’t want to stay there forever, I wanted to share with you some tips that will lift your mood and get you out of a rut.

I personally experienced a massive rut in the beginning of this year where I felt kind of stuck due to the pandemic restrictions, not being able to travel, not seeing family or friends etc. While it was hard being in that state, I’m also grateful when I look back because I learned how to get back on track and most importantly, how to love myself and care for myself through the whole process.

Since I went through this myself, I want to share some tips with you to become the radiant, confident and bad-ass version of yourself again who knows her worth and lives from a place of happiness and abundance.

Life is meant to be fun (actually it’s your birthright to enjoy it) and your natural state is to happily stroll through your day loving every fiber of your Being. We just tend to unlearn this truth along the way..

It’s time to align with the best version of yourself again.

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5-10 Minute Tips To Feel Better

1. Open your window, close your eyes and breathe

When was the last time you took some really deep belly breaths? Even though breathing is super natural to us,  few people know about the healing effects of it. Did you know that taking a deep breath is actually linked to the sympathetic nervous system which controls the fight-or-flight response? This means less stress and more inner peace. By the way, it is also a great way to not to react impulsively in a fight or stressful situation.. Take three deep breaths and you will start seeing the world with different eyes.

2. Lie down on the floor, enter “sound of the ocean” on Youtube and close your eyes

This will give you the ultimate vacation vibe and will make you feel more peaceful and relaxed.

3. Give yourself the gift of yoga or a stretching session

Every time you do yoga and move your body in a conscious way, you get “out of your head“ and into your body which is very beneficial to feeling better. Whenever I feel like I’m looping on negative thoughts, I put on a short yoga video and focus all my attention on feeling my body and giving myself some love.

4. Give somebody a compliment

Personally, nothing is more fulfilling to me than making someone else smile. It’s so beautiful that when you give somebody love (e.g. in the form of a compliment), you are not only making them feel better, but you are also feeling these loving emotions in your heart. Have you ever experienced this? Then you know what I’m talking about. If not, I highly recommend trying it out.

In case, you don’t know where to start, here are some examples that will for sure light up someone’s day:

  • I am so grateful to have you in my life.
  • I love the way you smile.
  • Thank you for being such a good friend.
  • I don’t know if I ever told you but I appreciate that you are always there for me/ that you washed up the dishes this morning/ that you picked me up from work…

It only takes 5 minutes in the form of a text message or voice message but is truly so impactful.

5. Take off you pyjamas and put on some nice clothes

Did you know that simply changing your body language can change the way in which others perceive you, and even the way in which you perceive yourself?

Did you ever put on something nice and see your body language change completely (having a better posture, feeling more confident etc.)?

From my experience, it really works.

When I have a day when I feel down, it helps so much to simply take off my pyjamas or sweatpants, put on some nice clothes (favourably a dress or a skirt because it makes me feel my magnetic feminine energy) and brush my hair instead of wearing it up in a messy bun all day long. 

It will make you feel much more confident in yourself.

6. Turn on your favourite music

Have you ever watched a movie, an amazing song came on that you had almost forgotten about and you suddenly start singing from the top of your lungs and just feel like you take on the whole world?

I remember watching the remake of “Aladdin” in the movies. Once the song “A whole new world” came on, my friend and I started singing like there was no tomorrow and it just felt..well..magical 🙂

That’s what the right kind of music can do to you. If you are on Spotify, I also recommend having a “happy playlist” that you can put on whenever you need it.

10-30 Minute Tips To Feel Better

1. Bye phone, hello book!!

More often than not, it can be quite draining to be staring at your phone all the time. Especially if you’re scrolling social media or checking out other people’s lives, thinking that they are so much better off than you. (Spoiler alert: They are most likely not – Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about).

Do yourself the favor and turn off your phone. Put it in the drawer or best, in another room and choose a book that you had wanted to read for forever.

Reading will not only make you feel more productive, it also will help you to calm down and focus on one thing (or one topic) at a time.

2. Cook yourself a nice (!!) meal

When we cook for other people, we tend to put so much effort into it and pour all our love into making it the nicest meal possible. But what about yourself? Aren’t you also deserving the love you so freely give to others?

So next time, instead of just putting some leftovers into a pan and heating it up, pour some love into making a delicious and well-prepared meal for yourself.

Treating yourself in such a loving way shows that you value yourself and this, in turn, will increase your sense of self-worth.

3. Take a shower and rinse off those limiting thoughts

By taking a nice and long shower, you show yourself that you are important and that your well-being matters. What’s even better is to put on some lotion after you shower and give yourself a beautiful massage.

This will not only make you feel like a million dollars but it will also help you in making a fresh start.

4. Take a pen, paper and write down all of your thoughts

When you feel like the same negative thoughts are looping on your mind over and over again, it is so helpful to just take pen and paper and write them down. This journaling method is called “doing a brain dump”.

However, here is an important note: This requires radical honesty. It only works when you write down all of the thoughts you currently have on a piece of paper until there literally is no more to say.

After having dumped all your thoughts on a piece of paper, you will feel 100% more liberated and free in your mind. While it’s also helpful to talk to your friends, loved ones or a mental health specialist, venting out frustrations, sadness or anger in your journal is an amazing self-help tool to get the limiting thoughts out of your system.

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5. Clean your apartment

I don’t know about you but somehow, my apartment is a direct reflection of my inner state (it’s actually true!). I’m usually a pretty organized and clean person but in the times when I don’t feel good, my apartment turns into a literal war zone lol. 

I find that once you dedicate yourself to cleaning the space around you, you quickly feel much more motivated and productive again. While you are already at it, you can also declutter your shelves, your wardrobe etc. Letting go of old things that don’t spark joy in you anymore (as Marie Kondo would say) can be extremely liberating.

Metaphorically, you also make room in your life for new things (and better thoughts) to come.

6. Write down at least 5 things you can be grateful for, right in this moment

Reminding yourself of all the blessings you still have in your life, despite the negative situation you’re in, can lead to feeling much more gratitude (a positive vibration) in your heart.

Even when things fall apart on the outside, you can for example still be grateful for:

  • Being YOU and having yourself in your life. Remember that you have already survived 100% of your bad days. You are here for a reason
  • The roof over your head, the electricity, running water etc.
  • The choices you have in your life.

    Having choices in our lives is such an amazing privilege we too often take for granted.

    While there are outside forces that you cannot always control (think of other people’s feelings or behavior, politics, the weather,..), there is one thing you can always choose : How you react to your circumstances. Use this time between a stimulus and your reaction to your advantage.

If you want to dive deeper into this topic, I highly recommend reading Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. He is a psychologist and concentration camp survivor who still managed to find meaning and purpose in the most horrific of circumstances. He then went on to help and inspire people with his experiences. How beautiful, right?

Final Note

I hope this article reminds you of some practical action steps you can take to make yourself feel better. However, I also want to say that there is no “quick fix”. While doing something once will get you a result for a while, doing something consistently is what will ultimately better your mindset and life in a sustainable way.

I also want to remind you of the fact that your life is not set in stone but that the power to change lies with you at all times. It’s like a gift that you can start unwrapping day by day and soon enough (and with consistency), you will see your outside world change as well.

I’m sending you so much love,


Thinking the same thoughts will always lead to the same destination, while thinking new thoughts will open up a new world for you. The choice lies with you – always remember that.

You’re also welcome to listen to my podcast where I share my story and how I dealt with a mental health rut I went through at the beginning of the year. It would mean the world to me if you could subscribe. Thank you!

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