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How To Create a Joy-Inducing Morning Routine

Who hasn’t been there? You wake up, take your phone and check your social media, emails and texts. Next thing you know 20 minutes have passed, you eat your breakfast in a hurry, take a shower and run out of the apartment because you are late.

By starting your days like this, you only react to things and have no chance to be the proactive creator of your day.

Since I found myself too often in this kind of stressful situation, I decided to start my morning in a more conscious, mindful and positive way by implementing a morning routine. Once I promised myself to really stay consistent with it, I have experienced so much more clarity, awareness, structure and inner peace in my life.

That’s why I wanted to give you some practical tips on how to create a morning routine that makes you feel good and doesn’t feel like a chore. Psst, you might even fall in love with getting up in the morning! You will also learn how to stick to your routine because that’s the part where most people struggle and I had the same issue in the beginning.

What My Current Morning Routine Looks Like:

  • Part 1: I wake up, put my hands over my heart and feel grateful that I get to live this day. I believe that gratitude is the best attitude and it has literally changed my life for the better.
  • Part 2: I usually meditate using guided meditations that I find on Youtube. I like to mix it up and try out new ones every once in a while.
  • Part 3: I journal for about 5 minutes. This includes writing down at least 3 things I’m grateful for, daily affirmations as well as my focus for the day. It’s really helpful for me to get my mindset right and start the day with a clear intention.
  • Part 4: Lastly, I work out for about 10-15 minutes followed by a short Yoga practice and then I am ready to have a wonderful day!

woman doing yoga, joy-inducing morning routine

The different steps of my routine usually don’t vary much but sometimes I change the order. If I have to wake up really early, I don’t have breakfast first thing in the morning and do my workout, meditation and journaling right after getting up.

Are you ready to create your own morning routine? Here are my tips for you!

5 Tips On How To Create Your Own Joy-Inducing Morning Routine

1. See Your Morning Routine as a Form of Self-Love

Instead of seeing your morning routine as a chore and putting pressure on yourself to do it the “perfect” way (and what does “perfect“ even mean?! ), you can simply see it as a self-care practice that helps you have a good start into the day.

2. Don’t Try To Do Too Much At Once

As with everything, it is better to start with small wins instead of trying to do everything at once. You could for instance include at first only two elements of the morning routine (e.g. meditation and journaling) and once you feel good with it, you can add more elements. Thereby, you don’t feel overwhelmed and are more likely to continue.

3. Put Your Phone in a Different Room

When creating a morning routine, it’s really important to be mindful of your screen time. If you still look at your phone right after waking up, it becomes super hard to stay on track. So I suggest you put it into another room or you could even lock it outside in your car (that’s what Jay Shetty did). When you live in a shared flat and have no other option than keeping your phone in your room, at least put it far away from your bed. This will already help a lot and it also makes you feel much more refreshed.

4. Use a Habit Tracker

I recommend using a habit tracker to stay motivated. So, if your morning routine habits are 1) Yoga, 2) Meditation and 3) Journaling, you get to colour out the respective squares after you have completed it (you can see mine as an example below). It’s a super nice reward and makes you feel good that you show up for yourself.

5. Consistency Is Key

Consistency is super important. Since it takes 66 days to form a habit, it is important to continue doing your morning routine day after day after day. The magic is that after some time, it will become the most natural thing for you to do. It’s just important to show up daily and praise yourself for that, not the outcome. Even if your morning routine is shorter on some days or you leave something out, that’s normal and in these moments I always like to tell myself “Better Done, Than Perfect”. Maybe it helps you too.

I hope these tips were helpful and that you are now ready to give your own morning routine a shot!

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Sending you lots of love and light,


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