Hi, I’m Jenny! It’s nice to meet you ♡

I’m a personal growth blogger and full-time optimist who helps you to become the highest, most empowered version of yourself.

Born and raised in Germany, I developed a passion for travelling, exploring new cultures and language-learning. This lead me to travelling to over 25 countries and living in Australia, Thailand and Finland for a few months each. 

After graduating from high school, I started studying a degree that I wasn’t passionate about, tried to please everyone and wasn’t feeling like my authentic self anymore. I had the feeling that I was living a life that wasn’t true to me, my passions and my values . A few years later, in late 2017, I discovered personal growth through listening to podcasts. I was immediately so fascinated by it that I dove deep and read everything I could get my hands on. I was hooked.

And what can I say; literally EVERYTHING in my life changed for the better. Am I saying that my life is perfect now? No, of course not. There will always be challenges, otherwise life would be boring and we always need opportunities for growth. What helped me was shedding the layers of conditioning that society put on me, worked on my limiting beliefs and finally became my true self again. Not thinking about who I’m “supposed to be“ and what is expected of me from others, but what I WANT to do from the depths of my heart.

Most importantly,  I realized that no external thing in the world can fulfill me or make me happy . I’m the one who is responsible for my happiness and everything is up to me. It’s an inside job and the universe doesn’t knock on your door and says “Hey, here is how you find your purpose.” 

I always knew that I was a helper and that I thrive in guiding others. I’m the kind of person who friends come to when they have a problem and want advice. However, I didn’t know what to do with this skill and how I could possibly make a positive impact on the world. I literally thought that I would just end up in a corporate job that I’m not passionate about.

Through working on my self-development every day for two years (and still am), I finally figured it out. I asked myself what the one thing is that I cannot stop talking about, that I love to share with others and that I’m super passionate about and it’s personal growth. I can say now that this here is my purpose.

What is my vision?

My vision is to empower as many people as possible in this world to live their happiest and most authentic life. I want everyone to know that you can achieve anything and everything you set your mind to. My hope is that it will create a ripple effect of more positive, empowered and confident people who live their purpose and share their passion with the world.

What will you learn on this blog?

I help you grow into the best version of yourself and guide you along this journey of personal growth. You will learn how to listen to your intuition, how to live from the heart, how to stop perfectionism, how to stop self-sabotaging and finally GO after your dreams and become the confident woman you know you can be.

Instead of some personal growth guru, I’m just your high-vibe friend you go to when you’re looking to add a little more magic to your life while also keeping it real with you. We’re on the same path and in this together. I just share what I have learned and am still learning along the way. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

If you want to find purpose, love and a home within yourself, this blog is for you

I’m sending you so much love,


PS: I also have a podcast called “Crazy Happy MindShift”. You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
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