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5 Binge-worthy Podcasts That Will Improve Your Life

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I discovered the world of podcasts around two years ago and have since then listened to them almost every single day. They are also the reason I am into personal growth now and started this blog. Crazy, right? What I can definitely say is that they improved my life. I think that we’re all students of life and listening to inspiring people and their stories can have such a huge positive impact on your life.

Why podcasts are so amazing

We are so lucky that in this day and age we can connect with all kinds of people in this way. While it’s super important to have a supportive circle of friends, it can be really helpful to get “input” from other people. What I learned is that you should never ask people for advice who are not where you see yourself going. Let’s take the example of starting a business. If you want to start a business and ask people who are not founders themselves, you will probably not get much help. The same goes for new skills you want to acquire. If you want to learn about starting a morning routine, establishing healthy habits or becoming more mindful and productive, it’s amazing to have useful tips and guidance from people who are already doing these things.

Another awesome benefit is that you can listen to them while doing other things. I personally like to listen to podcasts while I’m cooking, before going to sleep or while working out. I feel like listening to podcasts while working out is the best because time passes extra quickly and you usually even work out longer.

Where can I listen to podcasts?

There are various ways of listening to podcasts and here are some of them:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Online (on websites)
  • Stitcher
  • Spotify

I personally listen to podcasts on the Apple Podcasts app but I know many people who use Spotify. So, let’s start with the 5 binge-worthy podcasts that have improved my life and that I personally love.

5 binge-worthy podcasts that will improve your life

1. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

This is a pretty “new” podcast if you want to call it that way. It only came out a couple of months ago but I had been following Jay prior to that and have always been fascinated by his videos. So I was even more excited when I heard that he was launching a podcast. While I also love his episodes where he is interviewing guests, my favorites are his solo episodes. He has such a clear way of expressing things and every episode is so well-structured that you always remember the little nuggets of wisdom. I’m usually a visual learner but somehow this podcast makes it easier for me to also retain most of the information. He also talks about recent things that he discovered and recently did an episode on the “Joker” movie and what it has to do with mental health. Super interesting! Jay is also a former monk and helps people learn about mindfulness.

Click here to give it a listen

2. Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

This is one of the podcasts I have been listening to for a very long time (in fact, for already two years right after I started diving more into personal growth). I don’t know any podcast host who has such a good way of presenting his guests. While Tom talks about all kinds of personal growth topics, his focus lies on the growth mindset, productivity, motivation and as he calls it, pulling people out of the matrix. So if you ever struggle with getting motivated or feel stuck, I highly recommend listening to one of his podcasts. He is also a person who walks the talk. He went from being lazy and failing several times in film school, to becoming the CEO of one of the fastest-growing companies in the US. After that, he started his company, Impact Theory, and is now inspiring other people that ANYTHING is possible with the right mindset. His keynote talks that are available on youtube are also super motivating and he is the person who introduced me to David Goggins. 

Click here to listen to it.

3. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

This podcast is also one of my favorites and also one of the most-established personal growth podcasts. Lewis went from living on his sister’s couch to being a well-known speaker and business owner of his company around personal growth.

He said that his intention of starting a podcast and interviewing guests was to learn more about these topics himself. Makes sense, right? The number of podcast episodes he has already released within the last years is impressive and there is something for everyone. He interviews all kinds of people – from authors, speakers, actors, celebrities to people in sports.

Click here to give it a listen.

4. The Perfectionism Project by Sam Laura Brown

If you’re like me, you’re in your 20s and struggle with the typical problems of adapting to adulthood. For these kind of topics, I can highly recommend listening to the podcast “The Perfectionism Project”. I’m 25 right now and often questions such as “How do I find my life purpose?”, “How can I stop letting other people’s opinions affect my life so much? Or “How can I handle my finances?” arise. As a retired perfectionist herself, her main focus lies on perfectionism and how to overcome it. As a person who was and sometimes still is struggling with perfectionism, this podcast is such a gem for me. In fact, many people are struggling with perfectionism but don’t even know.

Click here to listen to it.

5. The Ikonns Podcast

I just found this podcast recently but it’s amazing and very special since it’s hosted by a couple. Alex and Mimi are all about helping you create and live your dream life. They are serial entrepreneurs specializing in eCommerce businesses and created products such as the Five Minute Journal. Listening to this podcast always encourages me to keep going after my dreams.

Click here to give it a listen.

Final Note

I think that podcasts are awesome and listening to inspiring people who talk about personal growth has already had such a profound positive impact on my life. I learned so much about topics that are usually not talked about in society and it made me question my beliefs and developing a better relationship with myself. So if you’re interested in listening to podcasts, I’d highly recommend giving it a try. As much as I love youtube videos, podcasts are just so much more convenient. You have less screen time and you can do other activities while listening (cooking, working out, commuting,…) If you already have podcasts that you listen to and love, let me know in the comments below. I’m always happy to hear from you.

I’m sending you much love and light,


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