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100 Things to be grateful for

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Even if you’re totally new to personal growth, you have probably heard of the importance of gratitude and writing down or saying out loud things you’re grateful for every day. There are actually so many beautiful things to be grateful for but I see many people struggling with this because they don’t know what exactly to be grateful for. Maybe you have also experienced this. You think “Hm, what can I be grateful for at the moment? Nothing special has happened today” The thing is that the things you’re grateful for don’t necessarily have to be big life events. It’s actually much easier, plus also more fun to be grateful for the small things.

Here are three of my favorite ways to practice gratitude:

1. Gratitude Journaling

Every morning, I like to write down six things I’m grateful for in my journal. It’s such a good start into the day.

2. Two minute gratitude “meditation”

It works like this. You sit down with your back straight, close your eyes and for two minutes, you imagine everything you’re grateful for in this moment. It’s so beautiful to visualize these things. Here are some helpful questions. What did I experience today, last week, or last month that I’m grateful for? For whom am I grateful for in my life? What do I already have? In which ways am I abundant? You’ll see that you will come up with so many things and you feel 100 times better after doing this little exercise. 

3. Gratitude in day-to-day life

Sometimes our daily lives are so busy that we get stressed and totally forget about gratitude. In these moments, you can calm your mind by simply observing your surrounding and finding things you’re grateful for. I sometimes do this when I’m driving in the car. Then I think “I’m so grateful to be alive, I’m grateful to have a car, I’m grateful for my freedom, I’m grateful for nature and everything that is surrounding me.” 

So for this post, I thought I’d give you some inspiration for 100 things to be grateful for.
I hope it will put a smile on your face and that you can see how many small things there are to be grateful for. 

Before we start with the list, I wanted to share this quote about gratitude with you that I love.

It’s not happy people who are grateful, it’s grateful people who are happy.

List of 100 Things to be Grateful for

1. Being alive

2. Starry nights

3. The love and kindness of people

4. Animals

5. Photography

6. The beauty of nature

7. Soft pillows

8. Your senses

9. Big hugs

10. The ability to learn something new

11. Living in a safe country

12. Having a roof over your head

13. Your comfy bed

14. Having food in abundance

15. Giving love

16. Rainbows

17. Farmers markets

18. Comfy pyjamas

19. New experiences

20. Friendship

21. Snuggling up with a hot tea and a book on rainy days

22. The ability to make a positive impact on the world

23. The smell of freshly baked cake

24. GPS

25. Laughing till your stomach hurts

26. Fresh bed sheets

27. Freedom of expression

28. Sleeping in

29. Deep conversations

30. Fresh fruit and veggies

31. Smoothie Bowls

32. Health

33. Warm clothes

34. A pile of leaves to jump in

35. Roadtrips

36. Your significant other

37. The ability to feel emotions

38. Good music

39. Creativity

40. Beautiful sunsets

41. The ability to walk

42. Running water and electricity

43. Your parents

44. Your courage

45. Getting to choose your profession

46. Your legs to walk

47. Your apartment and furniture

48. Your life lessons

49. Your privileges

50. Home cooked meals

51. Your economic situation (better than millions of other people have it)

52. Transportation (cars, trains, planes)

53. Books, podcasts and movies

54. Having a friend at work

55. Meditation

56. Clean drinking water

57. Siblings

58. Memories

59. Traveling with loved ones

60. The sunshine

61. The internet and digital communication

62. Your imagination

63. All your life experiences

64. Taking a nice bath

65. The present moment

66. Eating out

67. Cuddling

68. Flowers

69. Mountains

70. Your home

71. Having people in your life that push you to become better

72. Being playful

73. Family

74. Good things happening to the people you love

75. Solitude and calm moments

76. The kindness of strangers

77. Sweet potatoes

78. A good workout session

79. Art

80. Fresh air

81. Your past – it taught you so much

82. Sunday mornings

83. Bad days – they make you appreciate the good ones

84. Flowers

85. Grocery stores

86. Peanut butter

87. Singing

88. Dancing like nobody’s watching

89. Getting to play your favorite sport

90. Hiking

91. Finding a parking lot right away

92. Telling someone how much they mean to you

93. The peacefulness of early mornings

94. Air conditioning

95. Amazon Prime

96. Date nights

97. The ocean

98. Planet Earth

99. The ability to give love and kindness to others

100. Being YOU! Thank you so much for reading and have a beautiful day!

Final Note

As you can see, there are so many beautiful things to be grateful for. I also find that being grateful is the ultimate boost for feeling happy and fulfilled in the present moment. What are the things you’re most grateful for at the moment? I’d love to know. Feel free to share them in the comments down below.

Much love,


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