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10 Rules for Success and How To Achieve It

Here’s just a quick mindset tip before we start with the rules for success. Think for a moment about all the things you constantly have on your mind. You have to meet a deadline but you haven’t even started yet, you should make an important call but have to put it off; the list goes on and on.

The reason you keep postponing these things is that they make you uncomfortable. But you know what’s way worse than being uncomfortable for a short while? Always having these to-do’s on your mind that cause you stress. Once you push yourself to doing these things, it feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders!

Either act on your plans now or let them go, but don’t clutter your mind with them any longer. Now, today’s topic is 10 rules for success.

1. Have your own definition of success

To be honest, there isn’t ONE single thing that defines success for everyone because it means different things to different people. To some people success means staying at the same place, having a big family and working as a chef. To others it means living in different countries every year, travelling with their partner and having their own business. It’s really so different and so a rule for success is also to define what success means to YOU. When you start copying other people who seem “successful”, it doesn’t mean their lifestyle will also make you happy and give you that sense of fulfilment. In order to go towards your dreams, you need to have a direction in mind.

Journaling Prompts:

1. What are your dreams? What is on your bucket list?

2. Write down 5 things of which you know that they would make you feel fulfilled and proud of yourself?

2. Specialize in one area

“Pick one thing. And go at it with everything you’ve got.” -Tom Bilyeu

Successful people tend to specialize in one thing and acquire the necessary skills to become the best in their area. In today’s noisy world we can easily get distracted by the next shiny thing but it’s really important to choose an area of interest that you love and stay with it. You don’t do yourself a favour when you’re changing directions all the time.

3. Be prepared for the hard times

“The comfortable road will never lead you to the person you are destined to be in your life, never” -Ed Mylett

It’s important to know that not everything is going to be rainbows and butterflies. Being uncomfortable, facing doubts and your fears is part of the process and essential for growth. When learning new skills, it’s impossible to always be comfortable. It’s normal that things don’t always work out.Embrace failure and see it as an opportunity for learning. While things may be hard in the beginning, it gets easier over time and you’re in it for the long run.

4. Taking action

“When it all comes down to it, nothing trumps execution.” -Gary Vee

At school, it is perpetuated that knowledge is power BUT actually, knowledge isn’t power unless applied. You can take every course and study every subject under the sun but unless you also apply it and take action, it won’t help you and you will stay at the same level. Always make sure that there’s a healthy ratio between learning new things and applying the things you’ve learned. You might know this from yourself but I always had this limiting belief of “I have to learn more before I start a blog”. By then, I had studied everything I could get my hands on around the topic of personal growth for two years. It was actually my fear that wanted to come up with an excuse for not acting on my idea.

5. Don’t care what other people think about you

“I put zero weight into anyone’s opinion about me because I know exactly who I am.” -Gary Vee

Caring about other people’s opinions quite often discourages us from doing things and it’s actually quite sad. There are over 7,5 billion people in the world and you allow the opinion of a few people to hold you back? You’re better than that! Not everyone will agree with what you’re doing and one of the reasons is that they want you to stay on their level. The reason they don’t want you to succeed is because this would mirror to them that they COULD also do more but decide to stay on the same level. In the end, the only person you need approval from is yourself.

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6. Be consistent

“Every successful person has had to face moments when there was no reason nor logic that indicates they should continue; zero motivation and inspiration. Still, they showed up and put one foot in front of the other anyway.” -Ed Mylett

Don’t become unmotivated simply because you only make small progress in the beginning. That’s totally normal and push yourself to do it anyways. Many people give up too early because they don’t see results fast enough and become impatient. Don’t fall for that trap and stay consistent.

7. Choose something you love

“Choose something you love: “There’s no reason to do things you hate. None” -Gary Vee

It’s so much easier to get better at the things you love doing than spending all your precious time doing something you’re not passionate about. Life is too short for that! When you do something you don’t like, you always feel tired, unmotivated and uninspired. However, when you do something you’re passionate about, you are driven and want to put in the effort.

8. Humility

Humility is such an amazing trait that is important for a happy life and success. When you think that you’re too good for others, it will be hard to become successful. You simply need good people on your side that help and support you. Another good thing about being humble is having a beginner’s mindset. Instead of getting so tied up in your experiences and thinking that you know it all, you admit that there are always new things to learn, and in turn, become better. 

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9. Manage your time

Time management is definitely one of the most important rules for success. As humans, we only have so many hours of the day that we can be productive in. So it’s very helpful to have clear goals and intentions for the day and put productivity techniques in place. It’s all about working smarter, not harder!

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10. Gratitude

When you have a gratitude mindset and are happy for every little milestone, the process is so much more fun. Never forget that the only moment you have is now. Living in the present moment and not constantly worrying about the future is a recipe for happiness. Life is a big game of perspective. There will always be ups and downs but when you focus on gratitude and the positive, you will get yourself out of the downs much faster. Focus on what you already have, on the amazing person that you are and that you are showing up for yourself in life.

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What are some of your rules for success? Write them in the comments down below. I’d love to hear them!

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